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Occupational Products

Audiometrics provides the following instruments:

Audiometers, Benson Medical audiometer www.bensonmedical.com, SMART TONE audiometer, automatic audiometer, pulmonary function instruments, Tremetrics RA500, spirometers, vision screeners, audiometric booth, vision tester, mobile medical units, custom mobile units, medical hearing trailers, sound booths, sound rooms, breath alcohol testing instruments, CMI breath alcohol testers, Benson Medical Solo Software, noise monitors, audiometers, calibrators, automated audiometer, bio-acoustic ears, OHM, occupational software, Benson Medical spirometer and NDD spirometer. Our staff will assist you in getting your audiometer or spirometer calibrated with ANSI certified calibration equipment.

Benson Audiometers

Benson Medical Industrial Audiometers and Spirometers, Tremetrics, SMART TONE Audiometer, Next Audiometer, and Micro Audiometrics audiometers are the leaders in occupational audiometric testing. Audiometrics can provide you with these industrial audiometers for your hearing conservation needs in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Mississippi.